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custom2RECYCLE, Trash, Collection and Specialty Boxes just for kids. Boxes in the base size of kitchen trash cans use 13 gallon liners. For childrens’ rooms and schools.

Unique and special gifts help children stay organized and learn to recycle! Boxes are available in a large selection of colors.

Boxes designed for schools and kids

  • multi-recycle-minis-1329419315-jpg

    Multi-Recycle Mini 512, 572

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  • full-wrap-recycle-1329420537-jpg

    Full Wrap Recycle 517

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  • 311-lets-recycle-1327688896-jpg

    "Let's Recycle" 311

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  • privacy-screens-425-1510341320-pdf

    Privacy Screens 425

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Recycling is a habit to be learned early! Choose from a variety of recycle boxes for kids and schools.

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