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Flag Collection

Hand screened boxes are Printed on 3 Sides.

A must for all city halls. Collect used flags at your business or office and take them to your local Boy Scouts or American Legion. Put anywhere Americans can be found: In malls, large retail outlets, government facilities, military, churches and schools.
Price Includes Lid and Backboard.

Patriotic and Flag Retirement Boxes

  • 8001-tall-flag-collection-box-1319057524-gif

    Flag Collection Box (Tall) 8001

    How many ?
  • 8000-regular-flag-collection-box-1319055184-gif

    Flag Collection Box (Medium) 8000

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  • 8002-mini-flag-collection-box-1319057492-jpg

    Flag Collection Box (Short) 8002

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  • 905-patriotic-flag-1325186501-jpg

    Patriotic Flag 905

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  • flag-retirement-lid-1339157478-jpg

    Flag Retirement Lid 8003

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Flag Collections Boxes are available in short, tall and regular sizes.


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