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Hello! My name is Joel Thornton, the owner of I believe that cardboard has an important role in trash and recycle collection. Most of the marketplace uses plastic, but cardboard is far less expensive and is a recyclable material. Cardboard is 1/10th the cost of plastic equivalents. I’m not saying that cardboard has all the qualities of plastic, certainly not the longevity, but it has an important role to play and certainly one that is larger than you can find today. This is the reason for

Our large selection of cardboard boxes can be used both outside and inside. Cardboard boxes can be used inside homes, offices and buildings for trash and recycle collection in a wide variety of ways. Kept dry, these boxes will last a year or more. Because they are inexpensive, replacement each year is an economical alternative to plastic and perfect for short-term uses such as trade shows and events.

Who makes these boxes for KeepTidy?

PRIDE Enterprises, a rehabilitation program for inmates in the State of Florida. These products are made by inmates at the Marion County Correctional Facility in Ocala, Florida where they earn a wage, learn a trade and produce these fine products.

These craftsmen provide custom hand screening on trash boxes, recycle boxes, cardboard products for pets, magazine boxes and more. New products are being developed on a regular basis. Hand screening is a labor intensive process but the resulting brilliant colors are far superior to regular printing on cardboard. Our niche is attention to detail and small quantities that larger cardboard companies can’t or won’t do.

If you have any questions about our products, at any time, I am easy to contact. Call me at 850-877-4909 or email me your questions.

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