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KeepTidy Boxes

Recycle or Trash Box

We design recycle and trash boxes to fit easily found liners.  Our main sellers the 18x18x30 and 18x18x36 us 55 gallon liners.

Box SIZE Options

Our Recycle and Trash Boxes are available in a variety of sizes.

LARGE = 24″x24″x36″,  96 gallon liners

TALL = 18″x18″x36″, 55 gallon liners

MEDIUM = 18″x18″x30″, 55 gallon liners

SHORT = 18″x18″x20″, 55 gallon liners

TOWER = 12″x9″x30″, 13 gallon trash liners

MINI = 12″x9″x22″, 13 gallons liners

SMALL = 12″x9″x15″

BANTUM = 12″x9″x11″

PETITE = 12″x9″x6″


Our Boxes are available with or without lids. We recommend lids to hold your liner bags in place and to hide the contents.



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